Another Reason to Love Loyola Park Beach

| July 13, 2010 | Comments (5)

Chicagoo Beach with ManPhLiving in the Chicago area most of my life and having spent more than a decade shuffling my brood around the city to festivals, cultural sites and tourist attractions, I don’t know how it is that I only discovered Loyola Park Beach this summer.

It’s a short drive from my house and the beach is clean (on a good day Lake Michigan is, too). It’s well-guarded and family friendly. It has a snack stand that sells hot dogs and vegetarian alternatives, in addition to ice cream and soft drinks for after we’ve eaten all of my carefully packed fruit. Best of all for suburban drivers like me, they have a sizable parking lot nearby. Parking is plentiful and inexpensive, two of my favorite attributes of the suburbs.

I brought whole gaggle of tweens along on our recent beach outing- my two boys and their three cousins. After laying out our blanket, slathering on sunscreen, and busting out the sand toys, I went to reach for my cell phone, only to realize it was gone. D’oh! I must have forgotten to pack it. But just in case, I sent the older boys back to the car to look for it. I didn’t want to leave the kids alone on the beach while I searched, and I certainly didn’t want to gather up everything we’d just unpacked when I likey left the phone at home on the kitchen counter.

Although I missed the chance to take pictures of the cousins bobbing in the waves, skipping stones and digging, building, and burying each other in the sand, I enjoyed being incommunicado. Nobody, no piece of technology could keep me from being in the moment and enjoying my day with the kids.

When we arrived home, I went to collect my phone from the kitchen counter, only it wasn’t there. I checked my bedroom, the bathroom and my office. Nothing.

I have been known to misplace things now and then. It irks me when my husband chides me for losing things. “The key/check/bill/gift card/important document is not lost,” I remind him, “Said item is merely misplaced. It’s here…somewhere.” And then after a bit of searching amidst increasing marital tension, I find it.

But not this time. I made a desperate run back to the beach for a quick search near my parking spot. My niece and I retraced our steps on the beach for naught.

My cell phone was lost. Lost. Thankfully, it was not a smart phone loaded with cool apps, vital information and my calendar. My phone merely had phone numbers. Lots and lots of phone numbers, which of course I had not backed up.

As I debated next steps, like canceling the phone service, my older boy suggested sending a text to my phone (which, inexplicably, I had turned off before packing up for the beach). “I lost my phone. If you’re reading this text please call [phone number].”

I waited through much of the weekend and then we had the service shut off.

Five minutes later, my husband got a call.  A man named Luis from Roger’s Park found the phone!

My husband, always the cynic (a realist, he calls himself) was shocked.In a town full of crooked politicians, a city in which police officer get killed with their own weapons a young man contacted me after he found my cell phone simply because it was the right thing to do.

Unlike my husband, I can be naively trusting, but even I never expected to see my phone again.

So now, in addition to sand, gently lapping waves, and plentiful parking, Luis gave me  another reason to love Loyola Park Beach–good people.

Photo credit: “Man at Oak Street Beach” from JBednar via stock.xchang

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Comments (5)

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  1. Lisa says:

    Ok, I MAY be an even worse cynic than your husband but it strikes me oddly that it was within 5 minutes of turning the service off that you got the call. Did you check with your company to check the usage of the phone for the time it was missing?? I’m guessing someone would not have the nerve to return the phone and let you see who they were if they’d spent the weekend chatting on your phone but you know, people never cease to amaze me anymore!

  2. 2kop says:

    Yay! I, personally, have returned 5 cell phones that I have found. Good Karma is hard to come by, and I never want to miss an opportunity to improve mine and save another (usually a parent of the errant cell phone loser) a buck.

  3. When I went to take a picture with it earlier today, I discovered that my SD card had been removed. I sure as hell hope it wasn’t the guy who gave it to me as I gave him a pretty generous reward.

  4. It’s great that you got it back. My son left his phone in a Chicago cab and we realized it while we were waiting for our train. I quickly called to cancel the service and, the next day, the cabbie actually called me (he found “Mom” in the directory!) to tell me that he had the phone and he mailed it to us.

    I like honest people. :)

  5. Asianmommy says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been looking for a clean beach to go to!

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