The Work Behind “Transformers 3″: Worth It?

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Set of Transformers 3 in ChicagoI spent last weekend in the city with my best friend and her daughter. We stayed in a hotel on Wacker Drive, adjacent to the “Transformers 3″ hullabaloo. Massive amounts of work (not to mention the money) are behind this major production. We watched the action (which, in the movie business, really, is less movement and more waiting) both from the window in our room and on the street, surrounded by crowds. I couldn’t get over all that had to be done in order to shoot a thirty-second explosion scene. Throughout the weekend, I wondered if the effort would be worth it. And then I thought about the birthday parties.

Yes, the birthday parties.

It’s very common–in the United States, anyway–for new parents to completely overdo the first birthday. (Not all parents do this, of course, but I bet you know more than a few people who fit this description!) Wanting the perfect celebration for their special little guy or girl, they pull out all the stops without hesitation. The beautiful decorations, the extra large cake, the extravagant presents, and the huge guest list are all potential causes of a headache, but for many families, a child’s first year wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t capped off with something big, even if it only lasts for sixty to ninety minutes. And so the parents go out of their mind to make the perfect celebration.

It’s not that the baby will remember it, necessarily, but everyone else does. Does the fact that the guest of honor will only remember it through pictures make all of those preparations wrong? I don’t think so. Sometimes the work behind a large task is more out of the love of what you’re doing or who you’re doing it for than the size of the reward. In my case, we had a huge backyard party for my older son’s first birthday, with approximately forty people in attendance. I’m pretty sure he napped for the first half of the party. He needed help opening his presents, he could have cared less about the party hat, and he didn’t really care when the party was over; it was just a continuation of his day. I, on the other hand, remember the party vividly, as well as the work I joyfully put in when planning it. The Big Bang at the end of his first year was totally worth it to me.

I imagine that each and every scene in the “Transformers 3″ movie–as well as the work behind it–will be remembered just as fondly by the cast and crew. Setting up for days just to get a few minutes of footage will be worth it to all of them, and hopefully the audience as well. It’s something to remember–and appreciate–when I buy my ticket to watch our city shine during the movie’s 2012 release!

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