remaining a die-hard fan when the Cubs are dying…hard

| August 27, 2010 | Comments (4)

fans walking in front of cubs bannerI am aware that to be considered a true-blue Cubs fan, one has to have been a fan for more than the last three years.  Only those who have stuck with the Cubs through years and years of trials and tribulations are considered the true fans.  Since we only moved here three years ago, I am aware that I still need to prove myself and my loyalty since I come late to this party.

The problem is, when I look around, it is getting harder and harder to recognize the team I’ve come to know and love.  I have tried to get over the shock of learning that Theriot and Lilly are gone, just like that.  This is all the harder because I had just found out where Theriot was living when he’s in Chicago and was considering stalking him for a hobby.

Fontenot’s trade seemed a lot more quiet–I almost missed the news.  I will always feel bad that he and Theriot, close friends since their college days at LSU, play for separate teams now.  I just can’t imagine one without the other.

Derrek Lee deserves every opportunity to be on a winning team who has a good chance to go far in the post-season.  I just can’t imagine first base without his tall, sturdy figure.

The final blow came with Lou Piniella’s announcement that he was done earlier than expected.  I’m glad that he is able to go take care of his mom without feeling obligations and a commitment to finish out the season.  I only wish that he could have had a better send-off.  A man who has devoted so much of his life successfully to the sport deserves a little more than such an embarrassing last game.

Probably the “true” Cubs fans are committed more to the team as a whole than to the individuals.  I guess I still have something to learn.  It is hard for me not to find myself wrapped up in the personalities, both likable and not-so-likable as I listen to each of the games.  I guess with the way things are going, I’ll have lots of opportunities to practice sticking with the team as the merry-go-round of players comes in and out.

Perhaps by remaining a stalwart fan even throughout this season, I have done my part to prove that I truly am a die-hard fan.  Even though the majority of the people I have come to know and love as “Cubs” are gone now, I still sing lustily at every opportunity, “Go Cubs Go!  Go Cubs go!” even if the last line of that song tends to be mumbled these days.

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  1. I never thought I’d see the day but even my hubby, who bleeds Cubby Blue is disgusted with them. There’s always next year!

  2. Lisa says:

    I agree that you can’t lament too much having only suffered 3 years with our Cubbies but it I still get upset seeing certain people leave. But one thing I say about being a Cubs fan…it builds character!!!

  3. cubfan says:

    great post! thanks for the personal take on an american pastime that has become overwhelmingly business-oriented.

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