Slowing Down Summer

Sunset, Lake ChamplainMost of us moms in Chicagoland have had a very busy summer. But are we taking time to slow down to truly enjoy the lazy days of summer? What does it mean for moms to slow down in summer here in Chicago? How is it done? For me, it’s heading to the beach.

My Local Sanctuary

Last night, my family met friends at the Lighthouse Beach in Evanston. The sun was falling behind the trees, there was a cool breeze, and we were surrounded by friends.  Five minutes in, my youngest son asked, “Can we stay here forever and ever?”

I was asking myself the same question. When I go to the beach, I’m greeted by a sanctuary of water, beach, forest, and parkland. It’s as if I place my bare feet onto the sand, everything else in my life disappears, and all I’m left with is being in the moment.

Even my boys feel the magic of the water because all of their childhood drama melts away when their toes touch the sand.  Instead of being wrapped up in how many silly bandz they have or the audacity that we are not watching TV tonight, they get caught up in beach toys, digging, goggles, and giggles. Life slows down at the beach. That’s the goal.

I understand if sand is not your thing, but I hope you find time before the summer is over to enjoy a part of Chicago that simply takes your breath away.

Where do you go in Chicago that inspires you to slow down?

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