Things I Lost In The Flood

| August 10, 2010 | Comments (8)

Summer Clouds

Many of us living in Chicagoland our entire lives have, at one time or another, been victim to flooding.

Chicago is surrounded by water.

Chicago was carved from swamp land.

Chicago is a major water-way.

Chicago is a low level city.

I have been dealing with flooding since I was born. Growing up on the South-East side, my parents basement flooded frequently and still floods to this very day. Having lived on the Des Plaines River as a newlywed left me with the loss of many wet wedded memories.

The flood I endured that year in Old Irving Park, left me totally devastated and without power for days. I lost all of my albums from Sinatra to the Jackson 5. I lost journals, my Shakespeare compilation, Nietzsche, Mythology and more.

So, this latest flooding was not nearly as upsetting. Now living in Pilsen for the last 4 years, the lowest point in the city, I became used to the seepage, but had not experienced a “flood”. I really didn’t lose any personal belongings (is a furnace personal?), although my favorite Franco Sarto pumps now have an interesting beach-like odor.

The things I lost in the flood this time were more psychological.

I lost vanity. There was no air condition for three-95-degreed days, so I invited my family over and we watched movies, ate and pretended we were in at a spa/sauna.

I lost panic and learned to love more. While the water was still rising, I ran out and had a wonderful dinner at Bella Luna with a good friend.

I lost energy but gained endurance. There were mounds of clothing left on a table that became a tad smelly. It turned out to be 4 loads, but I happily washed and put every piece away. Order can be a very good thing if you maintain it.

And finally, I lost old VHS videos that I was never going to watch again anyway and those things were finally tossed.

The next time mother nature decides to rain on my parade, I will be ready with a party and a song.

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Comments (8)

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  1. I keep losing stuff for my garage sale which STINKS. Every toy that gets ruined is another $5 lost. Ah well; I hate doing garage sales.

  2. Shari says:

    We bought a house at the top of the hill because I dread flooding so much. We only flooded twice, but I definitely think differently before storing stuff in our basement. I’m glad you are able to put a good spin on this, yet still sorry that you flooded.

  3. Lisa says:

    i regularly have visions of losing everything in my basement which is….a lot!!! I have yet to endure a flood in my home but I consider that I must be pushing my luck! glad you didn’t lose personal stuff this time!!

  4. Garima says:

    What i nice perspective. I dont think i would take it in such nice stride!

    • Dwana says:


      When I grabbed that dinner with my friend, I did notice she gave me the “side-eye” maybe thinking I had lost my mind – but there was nothing to do but wait for it to go down – I REALLY enjoyed our meal too – and neither of us said a word about it!! LOL!

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