Mother-Daughter Trip…Not Meant for Others

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airplaneI love mother-daughter trips. What a special time to bond with my girl. Just the two of us. College tour, shopping, food, a couple of special events, and fun. Our mother-daughter college tour turned into a whirl-wind weekend of fabulous opportunities, but also followed by some hurt feelings and apologies.

Don’t get me wrong; the majority of our trip was ah-mazing! What could possibly go wrong? I mean really….MT had a chance to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on behalf of Chic Shopper Chick; covering two amazing designers Custo Barcelona and Vassilios Kostetsos. It was the most incredible experience for any teen girl with a passion for fashion.

We were also invited by the Buick Regal team to attend Essence Magazine’s 40th Anniversary luncheon honoring fierce and fabulous women which included an opportunity to interview some of the celebrities and honorees arriving on the Red Carpet. How wonderful of Buick to have us as a mother-daughter team to represent them at such a special celebration.

It was a special weekend…creating cherished memories; something as a mom, I treasure, knowing that a year from now, a brand new chapter in both of our lives begins. I, letting go of my little girl and she, leaving her comfort zone to explore life as a college student.

After this fun-filled weekend with Fashion Week and Buick Essence, we checked out of a grand hotel in Time Square to a smaller and much quieter accommodation in the Upper East, minutes away from quaint boutiques, restaurants and cafes.  This is where we would enjoy our last day touring a couple of universities, walking around and taking in some city sites and scenes before hitting our next college town.

Again, we enjoyed great food, walking around a quaint college town in Massachusetts. I was tweeting,  twitpic-ing, and checking into foursquare. All these applications are readily available on my Blackberry…just a click away.

My daughter grew up in this digital age, she’s been connected to her mobile device since well before I ever began texting on mine. I didn’t think my tweeting and foursquaring was a big deal.

But it was…my daughter was bothered that I was pulling out my Blackberry whenever we made a stop somewhere, like at a restaurant so I could check in and during dinner when I would attempt to twitpic. She openly expressed how it bothered her.

My response was, “It’ll take one sec.” While she waited for me to fumble around with my apps, tweeting or twitpic-ing, she became increasingly annoyed and it began to show in her attitude. After a few words exchanged, I realized that I was intruding on our special mother-daughter time together.

The bottom line was that my daughter wanted my undivided attention and didn’t believe that our special mother-daughter time together was meant to be broadcast.

Our last moments together were almost stained because I didn’t disconnect from technology and social networks.

As a mom, I felt terrible. I almost ruined a perfect mother-daughter weekend. I cried. I apologized, and I was forgiven.

My eyes were opened to my daughter’s needs; I learned a very good lesson that day. Giving her my full attention was more valuable to her than anything else that weekend. Our mother-daughter trip was ours and it was not meant to be shared with others.

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