So Seriously, How Does the Baby Get Out?

| November 26, 2010 | Comments (5)

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For the past few years, my seven year old has been rather content knowing that the birthing process is simply a miracle and a mystery.

So far, I’ve been able to dodge the questions about how babies get into bellies in the first place. He knows it happens when a mom and a dad love each other and he thinks, somehow, it has something to do with a string. Last year we had a bit of scare when he confessed that he was in love with a little girl at school. He was a bit concerned that if she loved him in return that a baby might start growing in her stomach.

This week he cornered me in the car on the way to school and asked me why I won’t tell him how babies get out of mommies’ bellies. After a long pause, he used his developing intuition and asked me if I was not telling him because it is gross. Realizing I was way under qualified to be having this discussion I said “Yes, because I think you will find it kind of gross. When you are older, I’ll explain all of the details to you.”

These types of questions from my son freak me out.

I’m not exactly sure how I’m supposed to be answering these questions. I have no idea what type of pregnancy/birthing conversation is appropriate to have with a seven year old son. And I truly do not know the best place to look for answers. Do I look on Google? Twitter? The local library? Do I call the school’s social worker and ask for suggestions? Do I ask the other moms of first graders how they explain the birthing process to their children?

Do I lie and ignore the question by simply telling him it’s a miracle and mystery? Or do I begin to explain the 46 hours of labor I had with him, the epidural that didn’t take, the internal monitor I did not want, the 103 degree temperature I had, and the quick drop in his heart rate right before the two hour delivery process began?

Sitting there in my car, I told him that back in the old days parents used to lie to their children by explaining that a stork simply delivered babies to their moms and dads. I told him I did not want to lie to him, but that he would have to wait until he is older (or until I am ready to tell him).

So please tell me, at what age is it appropriate to start talking to your children about the birthing process? I need some guidance, because the more I think about it, the more I’m really liking that stork story.

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Comments (5)

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  1. I think if he is asking, it’s a good idea to take advantage of his curiosity rather than make this a taboo subject.

    In our house, we took a very scientific approach and watched that “Miracle of Life” Nova special before my boys were old enough to do anything but laugh at the giant “tadpoles” swimming across our TV screen. That said, even faced with a lot of facts, some of which went over their heads, there’s still a bit of mystery. My advice to to check with your local library or poll your online friends for resources. There might be books you can read together or videos you can watch. And remember to involve your husband!

    Most importantly, act in a way that makes it clear to your son it’s okay to talk about anything with you.

    Good luck!

  2. We talk about it as the girls ask questions. Several of their friends’ moms had babies in the past couple of years. They learned a lot from those friends that they asked us to confirm. We talked about each question in an age-appropriate way. For our girls, we answered the questions using first grade words. We didn’t get into a lot of detail. Mostly they just wanted to know if what they had heard was true. We try to keep the conversation going as long as they want. When they change the subject, we do to.

  3. tracey says:

    It’s time to tell him. Because he WILL ask other people and he WILL hide that information from you. Sex isn’t gross. Childbirth isn’t gross. Repeat this mantra to yourself and to him because the sooner you open yourself up to his questions, the better. There will come a day when he won’t ask you any more. Not because he’s not curious, but because he is either too old to feel it’s appropriate or because the moment has passed.

    Body parts are important. SAY THE WORDS! Vagina! Penis! They aren’t dirty. He doesn’t need to know about g-spots and arousal and all that, but the basics of A goes into B and C happens is important, IMHO.

    Sorry if I sound preachy! I just feel that reproduction should be taught right alongside all other health processes. From toddlerhood on into adulthood, we should be comfortably talking about SEX!

  4. Update! After reading all of your comments, I talked to my son and told him, in first grade language, how babies come out of their mom’s bellies. He was truly amazed and then laid it to rest.

    Thank you all for your opinions and advice.


  5. sanantha says:

    Okay, so my 5 y/o daughter asked how a baby gets out. I wasn’t sure how to answer this, and i guess she saw a look on my face and said “mommy, tell me the truth”. So i made her sware she would not tell a soul. She said she promised. So i told her that when it is time, the uterus, where the aby is, squeezes REALLY hard, and that causes mommy to go into something called labor. She then gets daddy, and they go to the hospital. where the baby gets born. “but how does it get born” She continues. So i tell her. Once the uterus has swueezed tight enough, the mommy opens her legs and pushes REALLY hard until the baby come down the birth canal, out the vagina, and into the hands of the doctor. She then says, “when OUR new baby comes out, can i see?”
    OH LORD…

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