Virtual Pre-Kindergarten: Everything You Need in One Blue Box

| November 2, 2010 | Comments (2)

welcome to kindergarten signOne of the first places we make sure to find when we move is the public library. My husband and I have a hunger for books that we are hoping to pass on to our children. So far, even before they’ve learned to read, they sit alone flipping the pages to study all the pictures.

As we familiarized ourselves with our local Chicago Public Library, I noticed a blue box alongside the books on CD.  The front said, “Virtual Pre-K” and it had a series of note cards in it with instructions in both English and Spanish.  I wasn’t sure what it was so I put it back on the shelf for another day.

Last year when my daughter started preschool in the Chicago Public Schools, her class was picked to be part of a study on the Virtual Pre-K materials.  Since then, I have become much more familiar with the materials and would cheerfully recommend them to everyone I know.

The library has 2 videocassettes, 2 CD-ROMs and 2 sets of lesson cards (20 cards each set), as well as a teacher’s manual available. These that walk you through a series of topics for the benefit of you and your preschooler.  Some of my favorite topics have been “My Feelings,” “I Can Do It!” and “Fire Smart.”  The activity cards give you ideas for projects and activities that you can do with your child that go along with each unit.  You can also access the information at their website.

For example, with “My Feelings,” we were encouraged to have open-faced sandwiches with a variety of ingredients. Each of us took turns using the ingredients to make a face displaying a particular emotion and letting the others guess which emotion they see.  Then we told a story about when we experienced that particular emotion.

I am working through the material with my second child now and the whole family wants to participate in the activities.  If you are looking for some supplemental activities to do with your child at home, don’t overlook the small blue box at the library (or the online version, of course!).  Your child’s kindergarten teacher might just thank you for it.

I snapped the picture from the Virtual Pre-K website; you’ll see the same one on the blue box in the library.


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Comments (2)

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  1. Vanessa says:

    When I hear about budget cuts to our libraries, limiting hours, and cutting resources, I get emotional. Our libraries have so many great resource,like this virtual pre-k. Thanks for spreading the word!

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