Election Woes

| February 21, 2011 | Comments (2)

voteI certainly don’t make a secret about the fact that I don’t like politics.  Even though I am well aware that it is my civic duty! My privilege! My responsibility! My freedom-that-has-been-hard-won! to vote, I am not a big fan of the voting process.

I am by nature naive and trusting.  This means I have generally believed what politicians tell me they are going to do for me once they get into office.  And, generally, once that person gets elected to office, I find myself disappointed when I find out all the reasons that person can no longer keep the promises they have made.

As you can imagine, Chicago politics has really done a number on my poor little naive brain.  What do you mean so-and-so said he had to raise taxes and freeze salaries but he hired a personal hair stylist on retainer for any moment that a hair gets out of place?  What do you mean that my tax dollars are going to support some crazy “fix Chicago’s image” scheme while important bills are left unpaid and we get deeper and deeper in debt?  Why does the sales tax have to be raised (again) when we already have the highest sales tax in the nation?  Is there truly no other way to pay off our debts?

I pay attention to the platforms, I listen to the debates.  I have just lost my ability to believe that life is going to get better for the underdog.  From where I sit, no matter who gets elected, I am going to end up with less:  less money in my pocket, less benefit and less belief in the honesty and goodness of your average politician.

I will be voting on Tuesday.  But I can’t say that my heart will be in it.

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Comments (2)

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  1. Lisa says:

    I just hope it doesn’t end in the need for ANOTHER vote!! Since I have no say in this thing (I don’t live IN Chicago) I’m quite tired of the topic all together, a run off sounds very painful to me.

    As for politics in general I have lost the ability to believe anyone in anything they say which makes picking a candidate very difficult.

  2. Shari says:

    I have a friend who is a state employee. She said she gets screaming calls every day from people who want to know when their project is going to get its promised funding. Guess what? The money isn’t coming. Illinois is broke applies to everyone, but no one seems to realize it.

    Elected officials continue to pass new budgets and make new promises. At some point people need to say, “Stop spending until the old bills are paid.”

    The problem is everyone has a project they think the state should fund. My friend spends all day explaining the budget situtation to people who don’t seem to understand that the state is broke applies to them as well.

    Until people refuse to accept promises without plans, it won’t get better for any of us.

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