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Some time ago, I read the book, The Wednesday Sisters, about a group of women in the 1950’s who meet at the local playground.  They end up forming a writing club (that meets on Wednesdays) and, of course, develop a friendship that carries them through tragedy, victory and everything in between.  What struck me about the book is that it maps the changes made by the women’s movement through the lens of the Miss America pageant and the characters reactions to it.

This month is Women’s History month.  As I have thought about what I would want my children to think about this month (since there seems to be no mention of it at school), I have realized that I need to do some learning myself.  Who really are the significant women of history?  Some of the women have better reputations than others?  Is it true that you have to be a b*tch to make a difference in history?  What kind of models are available for my daughters today?  Do I really have to choose between Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton, or are there other choices out there?

I also want to take a moment to say “thank you” to all those who have gone ahead of me.  I thank the women who pushed and fought and prodded so that when I went to college, the world was truly at my fingertips.  Medicine, physics, mathmatics, engineering: all these and more were open doors for me if I was interested, because of the women who have gone before me.  Thank you to the women who have made the idea that a woman is “just a housewife” deplorable.  Even if, at the moment, I am not doing much more than homemaking on paper, I do not feel that I am less of a person because so many women have shown what we are capable of, even if we stay at home.

Even the fact that Chicago moms are significant enough to have their own recognized blog is something that is significant and for which I am grateful.  Thank you to MJ, Dwana and Vanessa for faithful editing and for all the work behind the scenes that make this site possible.  It is a pleasure to be counted as one in this number who are changing the world, even if in a small way.

Thank you women everywhere for continuing the fight, the conversation and the community.  Together, things can only continue to get better for my daughters and their daughters after them.

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  1. MJ Tam says:

    TY so much for writing this Melanie. I am so grateful to know you.

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