Can’t catch a break on Spring break…

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yellow marigoldAfter nursing a sick child through the first weekend of Spring Break, the whole family was excited to get started on our trip to Tennessee on Monday. We woke everybody up early, and the kids excitedly put on the shorts and t-shirts that would be appropriate later that day.

As I looked out our kitchen window on that early morning, I thought that someone must have played a prank on us. Alternatively, maybe the upstairs neighbors decided to treat the lawn during the night. What in the world was that white stuff covering the grass? Finally my brain woke up enough to realize that on April 18, there was actually snow on the ground! Thank goodness we were on our way to sunnier climes!

Thanks to the generosity of Chevrolet, we loaded into our borrowed Traverse. The kids were very excited about the included DVD player, plenty of legroom and being able to roll down their own windows. My husband and I were thankful for the satellite radio and OnStar navigation. We cruised our way in style to the sunshine and family welcome waiting for us in Tennessee.

Our weather happiness was short-lived unfortunately. On Tuesday night, the local networks were frantically filling the screens with shots of the storms and potential tornadoes that were headed our way. We wrapped the kids in blankets and crammed ourselves into the small, steel-reinforced room at my in-laws with a battery operated radio, listening to the reports of wall clouds and gusting winds. With only a flicker of lights, the worst of the storm soon passed us by, and we headed back to bed.

The rest of our days were filled with much cooler temperatures and rain. Before we left for more of the same in Chicago, we were thankful to spend one last visit with an 103-year-old great-great aunt. Visits with her always remind me that the stubbornness and gumption she seems to have passed on to my kids may not be such a bad thing after all. She continues to live in her own home and she only recently gave up gardening and climbing up on her roof for repairs.

We arrived back in Chicago on Thursday night. On Friday, two kids went to the doctor who diagnosed ear infections and asthma. I spent the day flat on my back as a result of some kind of food poisoning.

I think next year we will be happy just to have a stay-cation in Chicago. Though the change in weather is nice, it always seems to have a negative effect on my children’s health. We have had an asthma attack to deal with 4 out of 5 times we have gone in the Spring. While we love our extended family dearly, we have realized that our immediate family needs to have time alone together to regroup and remember that we love each other.

Who knows? Maybe next year Spring will actually come to Chicago for Spring Break…and the Cubs will win and pigs will fly!

Thanks to Chevrolet for letting our family of 6 ride in comfort and style in the Traverse to Tennessee this year. Thanks to our family for putting us up and for putting up with us. Regardless, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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  1. Poor Cubbies, not off to a good start this year. There’s always…never mind, I’ll stop myself now LOL

  2. bad wheat and sickies is NOT the way to spend spring break. but i’m almost thinking a cubbies world series is more likely than SPRING for spring break in Chicago

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