The Blue Men with My Men

| April 1, 2011 | Comments (2)
I’m always on the lookout for creative plays, exhibits – anything that gives my son and I a chance to see a live performance, anything that might spark discussion, anything that will make the both of us laugh.

So when we received an invite to check out the Blue Man Group with 3 complimentary tickets, I of course thought: Balls, check. Drums and Paint, Check. Rain Ponchos, check. Men painted blue, check. Loud music, check. Yep – this show fits the bill for a family date night with our 9-year-old son in tow.

The Blue Men – literally three men painted blue – share a variety of high jinx tricks/performance art/antics, engaging the audience without a word. Audience participation is encouraged – you’ll have *no choice* but to get off your seat and shake your booty, and, if you’re in the first few rows, be prepared to get wet. Feats included catching bits of Toblerone – directly in the mouth – thrown by an audience member from a very far distance, a twinkie dinner party that involved simulated regurgitation, larger-than-life smart phones, digital booties shaking on said smart phones.

Yes, these are all things things that captured the wide-eyed attention of my pre-tween. Maybe it’s because I get enough of this sort of antics in my IRL  job (high school teacher), but I found myself rolling my eyes like a snarky theater snob more than once. My husband, on the other hand, found the show almost (but not even quite) as fun as our pre-tween did. Judging by the roars of laughter and high-spirited participation of the rest of the audience, I was obviously the oddball. In any case, I can promise that this 90-minute non-stop action-filled show will make for a delightful night out for your tween or teen.

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Comments (2)

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  1. Melisa says:

    We have seen Blue Man no less than six times, all from one of the first three rows. My husband is the biggest fan in our house, but we all love it. We’re looking forward to checking out the new “WOW!” sometime this year. :)

  2. mom-mom-mom says:

    Always been on the never-ending list of things to do. Someone told me to bring earplugs. Is it that crazy and loud? If so, then I can just stay at home with my arguing kids and have my ears bleed!

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