The Peninsula Chicago Is Surprisingly Kid-Friendly

| May 5, 2011 | Comments (1)

I’ve always had this fantasy of taking my daughters to tea at a really fancy hotel. I pictured dainty white tablecloths, little cups of tea, tiny cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and girls in pretty frilly dresses sitting with their chic, thin mom. It’s one of those images I had in my head when I first got pregnant, one of those parenting moments I dreamed of having. But as a mom of three, including a perpetually moving and nose-picking boy, I know how quickly those types of dreams can turn to a disappointment.

Instead, I made my tea experiences adults only outings, holding out my pinkie with girlfriends while gossiping about celebrities. I didn’t want to inflict my vision on my kids, knowing how quickly they can misbehave when bored.

Uh, oh. Faux pas. Pinkie clenched in.

Tuesday I went to a special tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago for members of the Chicago Moms. I drank delicate teas, ate finger sandwiches, nibbled on beautiful little cakes, and I heard with growing excitement about all the child-friendly Peninsula activities. Not only does the tea and the brunch come with a special children’s buffet served at child height, but they even have baking classes in the kitchen. They even had openings remaining for this Mother’s Day!

The top tier of the tea tower: Sweets!

I had an amazing afternoon with the ladies of the Chicago Moms, but my heart was beating fast the entire time, realizing that I was at last ready to make my dream a reality, to head out for tea as a family, (somewhat) confident that it would be an experience we would all enjoy, not only the girls but the entire family.

The children’s tea platter. Kids can choose between hot chocolate and tea.

I’ll eat my fill of little quiches, raspberry financiers, and salmon sandwiches while they’ll enjoy visits from characters, brownies with bears, and their choice of hot chocolate or tea. Now I just need to instill some table manners in them in preparation as we gear up for the meal of a lifetime.

Special thanks to the staff of the Peninsula Hotel Chicago for making the bloggers of the Chicago Moms so welcome by treating us like royalty. All we were missing to round out the royal fantasy were some fancy hats and Pippa Middleton’s toned arms.


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  1. I want the child buffet with hot chocolate!! :) I’m so not fancy! Hope you guys have a fantastic time when you go back!

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