Father’s Day Gift Conundrum

| June 18, 2011 | Comments (2)

What do Dads really want for Father’s Day? Everywhere I go I see reminders that “Father’s Day is June 19.” There are the cliché gifts of grill tools, cologne or golf equipment. Scouring the internet, I have even found some very creative options. For example, a beer holster? Car trunk organizer? Spanx T-Shirt? (Yes, Spanx does offer a t-shirt for men that will make them “look toned. Stand taller. Feel stronger.”) The list goes on and on and is ripe with a wonderful array of testosterone infused options.

However, I have begun to wonder whether the answer to what fathers may want is really nothing. Could this possibly be true? To resolve my hypothesis, I went to my two main sources: my husband, the father of my two children, and my dad.

After much interrogating, my husband confirmed that he really and truly does not want any material gift on Father’s Day! He does not need grill paraphernalia or a new tie. Rather, he is satisfied doing our annual family brunch, receiving some cards from the kids and that is it. On to source number two and my dad promised that he too is just happy to go out with his children and see them all around him “happy, successful, doing well, and healthy.”

I wonder why my husband’s needs are so different from my own on Mother’s Day. Whereas I may feel slighted to not receive a gift – some acknowledgement of my very hard work as a mom – he feels okay. Perhaps it is because I am home full time with my kids and our division of labor related to the kids is so different. If I worked full time perhaps I would not need this recognition. Then again maybe I still would. Or, are my husband and father just exceptionally unmaterialistic men. Is this need for no gifts true of all men or just the ones in my world? And, why is this so?

Men really can be a foreign species so please help shed some light on my father’s day gift conundrum!

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Comments (2)

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  1. Chefdruck says:

    Rowena, I think you are just blessed with unmaterialistic men. I got a list of present ideas from my husband!

  2. mom-mom-mom says:

    The kids and I spent 2 hours shoveling out my husband’s garbage truck — I mean car — for Father’s day. We found $25 in coins, 7 socks, 9 water bottles, 4 balls and 1 petrified french fry. (He’s out of town for Father’s Day, but I know that he will be thrilled when he sees his new ride!)

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