Dancing with Teenagers

| July 11, 2011 | Comments (1)

Pull, 2,3

Push, 2, 3

Twist, 2, 3

And spin!

It’s never ending, this dance we do, my teen and I.

Close together, twist apart.

Careful not to tread on toes.

Sometimes my rhythm of a peaceful waltz or mellow acoustic must accommodate the unevenness of his 21st century Pop preference. Sometimes I have to sweat and yell and thrash about, simply to garner his attention.

At times, he manages to pause his music. He watches me strutting to my “old-time” songs. I can see his brain spinning; do I join her? Do I listen to her tunes? Is there space on my dance card for my mother?

At times, I manage to learn the lyrics to his favorite tune. I watch him enthusiastically throw himself into the beat. He can see my heart yearning; will he join me? Will I listen to his heart songs? Will I hear what is really being said behind the lyrics he knows so well?

We push apart and pull together and twirl, twirl, twirl…

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Comments (1)

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  1. Makes me want to hold my little 3 year old boy tighter and enjoy his insistence that I hold him when we’re dancing to the songs from the Cars soundtrack.

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