Sweeney Todd Provides a Great Date Night

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When the usher shows you to your seats and the people behind you are debating whether Sweeney Todd was a mass murderer or a serial killer, you know this isn’t going to be your average date night.  The Drury Lane Theatre offered us complementary tickets to see the show on opening night.  I jumped at the chance.  Friends couldn’t believe this when I said it, but here goes.  I had never seen Sweeney Todd before.  I knew the story.  I knew it was a popular musical, but I hadn’t actually had the pleasure of watching it before.

The fact that it was at the Drury Lane Theatre in Oakbrook Terrace was a bonus.  We’ve attended several shows there (and bought the tickets those times).  The location is easily accessible.  The seating provides a great, intimate view no matter where you are in the theater.  The shows are well-done and creative.  This one was no exception.  The show itself was terrific.  Professional theater critics at the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune gave it rave reviews.    We would totally agree.

What I realized about half-way during the show was that Sweeney Todd was a nearly perfect date night.  It wasn’t too sweet and sappy like many musicals.  It wasn’t a hard-core romance like many date night movies.  This was a deliciously dark and funny production.  If there was such as thing as the perfect musical for a male target audience, this was it.  Gregg Edelman played Sweeney Todd as a man bent on revenge with nothing to lose.  There were many times I thought the look in his eyes was emotionless.  He didn’t care about anything except a plan he has worked on for a decade.  The real show stopper was Mrs. Lovett.  Liz McCartney owned the stage every time she arrived.  She was funny in words and body language.  After a few scenes you waited for her to return knowing that she would break the dark energy that surrounds much of the show.

In the end the duo behind us decided that Sweeney Todd was a serial killer.  We decided to they were correct, although we didn’t get involved in the conversation.   Oh, and we decided we probably wouldn’t be eating any food involving ground meat for a while. 

Shari blogs about life with twins and more at Two Times the Fun.  The Drury Lane Theatre provides complementary tickets for the show.  All opinions are strictly Shari’s.  Photo courtesy of the Drury Lane Theatre.



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