AMC Offers Sensory Friendly Film Screenings

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It seems to me that everyone knows someone with a child on the autism spectrum or another sensory issue.  Too often I hear stories about how they are afraid to take their children to public places for fear of how others will judge their children’s actions.  AMC Theatres is stepping up to help these families by working with the Autism Society to offer screening for audiences with special sensory needs.

According to a recent article in the Chicago Sun Times, the theaters remove the “silence is golden” standard in favor of  “’a more accepting and comfortable setting’ that includes brighter lighting, lower audio and no previews or ads prior to show time. Additionally, attendees are welcome to make a ruckus whenever and however they want. Dancing, walking around, singing and shouting are all allowed.”

These are not second-run movies either.  A recent glance at the AMC Theatres website uncovered a schedule that mirrors what is on the theater marquee.  Next up on December 3 is the Muppets movie.   All movies are shown at 10:00 a.m. local time.  The Illinois Autism Society also lists upcoming moves and locations on its website.

Eleven different theatres in the Chicago metro area participate.  Outside our area theatres from coast to coast show films, but if you don’t have a designated screening in your area, AMC asks people to contact them to arrange a sensory friendly screening according to their website.  It there’s an AMC near you, there’s a chance the program is available.

AMC deserves many thanks for helping families find a way to bring their children to the theatre for a movie experience that accommodates their special needs.  If you know anyone across the U.S. who might benefit from the sensory friendly film screenings, be sure to share this information.  This is a program that deserves to be shared far and wide.

Shari blogs about life with twins at Two Times the Fun.  Photo courtesy of Stock Exchange.



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