Teaching Financial Capabilty

| November 29, 2011 | Comments (4)

Many days I am completely baffled at what I see at my day job.

Children from every walk of life exposed to crime, committing crime, being victimized by crime.

I see what The Chicago Public Schools is doing in the less affluent neighborhoods.

So when The Chicago Moms was invited to a listening session at a high school near my courthouse, I JUMPED at the chance.

Impressed is not the right word… I was pleasantly amazed.

Area leaders have banded together to implement programming that teaches youth to become more thoughtful, fiscally responsible community members.

Specifically, the students at Michelle Clark Academic Prep (Principal, Beulah McLoyd) are participants in President Obama’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability.

The goal of the programming is to improve financial literacy among our youth. Students within the Young Illinois Saves Program┬ádemonstrated the incredible initiatives they learned. Amazingly, the entire City of Chicago was represented in encouraging these students and I was so overwhelmed. Showing our children attention, giving them accolades for their accomplishments and voicing that they deserve opportunity is exactly what we’ve been missing.

The Honorable Stephanie D. Neely, City of Chicago Treasurer, Mr. John W. Rogers, PACFC & CEO, Ariel Investments, Christine Poorman, Executive Director, The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Ruben Fernandez, LIFT Program Manager, Ladder Up, Andrea Ingram, VP Education & Guest Services Museum of Science and Industry, Hector Gonzalez, Family Outreach Coordinator, John Hancock High School were moderated by Beth Kobliner, Financial Commentator & PACFC member.

It was truly a morning I won’t forget. I am inspired and hope to bring it to every underachieving child I meet.


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Comments (4)

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  1. very cool program.It’s not exactly a college savings but my 9 year old has set out a plan to save up to buy XBox 360 w/Kinect with his own money! I think it’s a small step in understanding saving for things instead of spending every penny that you get as soon as you get it.

  2. Dwana says:


    exactly. They gave statistics of how many youth in Chicago area actually have savings accounts and it is under 45%. Kudos to you for starting early!

    I started my little guy early ( ok so now he’s 6’2 and 225) but he is a relatively good saver and has had a savings account for about 5 years …. now if he would only put more money in it instead of taking tiny amounts out!!

  3. Shari says:

    It’s a lesson most adults could learn too. Every time I see a stat about how adults 50+ have less than $50,000 saved for retirement I wonder how they think they will survive. Maybe they are planning to work until they die because I know they won’t be able to retire with so little saved.

    We don’t emphasize saving — aka sacrificing for a long-term goal — enough. It’s all about right now. We’ve lost the ability to look long-term.

  4. Dwana says:

    Shari, such a good point … what happened to the “rainy day”?? Many of us have certainly had the rug pulled out from underneath … I am also sensing though that this is a new era and we have to really pay attention to whats happening now and how to properly address it.

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