Confidence in Youth Sports Defined

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The great Joe Paterno once opined that while

we can’t minimize the importance of

pride, loyalty, discipline, heart and mind,

 “confidence is the key to all the locks.” 

So I was talking with a five-year-old girl today who had just returned from an hour tennis lesson. During the course of our conversation, I asked her if she had fun on the court, to which she responded “Oh Yeah.” Thinking I could go a step further in the conversation, I inquired as to which stroke she had the most confidence in. Her response was, “what does confidence mean?”


Great question. What is confidence?


In the context of my question to this precious girl (with her two front adult teeth just pushing through the gums), confidence was really synonymous with “strongest.”  But in talking with some of the athletic adults who happened to be hanging around, it became apparent that the term could really take on different connotations when talking sports.


In once sense, it could very well mean having no fear.  So on the basketball court, your athlete has the confidence to take the shots. On the lacrosse field, she will not hesitate to take the ball all the way in and attempt the goal.


Going one step further, confidence can also mean the willingness to take risk. On the tennis court, your athlete will forgo a more tentative strategy of keeping the ball in play in favor of risking the passing shot or pounding down the winner. In other words, aggressive play is well within her comfort range.


No question that there are many more definitions. Yet, no matter the definition, interpretation or context, the term “confidence” most often connotes a positive quality that that inures to the great benefit of your young athlete.


Indeed, some children naturally exude confidence. Yet, experience shows that a focus on the fundamentals of any sport is sure to help develop and enhance confidence. It is therefore in the best interest of your young athlete to find a sports environment that places fundamentals front and center. As a parent or coach, you can then take comfort in knowing that you are offering her the greatest possible chance to feel good about her abilities.

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