This Chicago Mom’s 2011 Reflection

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My, what a year it has been! I started out as the mom of  two more children -twins- making my blog’s name really truthful. We officially became a Houseful Of Nicholes. And what a blessing this year has  been also.

We’ve traveled – Alabama, Texas, Florida, Iowa, and even the Bahamas. We’ve celebrated birthdays and even mourned deaths. We’ve grown closer, and even at points looked like we were growing apart from each other.

We’ve laughed, we’ve loved, we’ve learned, we’ve cried.

In all of that though, we’ve continued to just be.

Nothing beats going back and looking over your year and seeing how full it has been. How you laughed more than you cried. How you celebrated more than you mourned. How you learned more than you did the year before.

One thing that being a mother has taught me is  – you’re forever a student. AND children by far have the best point of view ever. Once I started appreciating the world around me the way that my children did, it became much better. I admit, there are still some times where my adult POV kicks in, and I become a little bit disappointed with the world around me, but then I look down at the four smallest Nicholes’ and how they just enjoy living and learning, my smile comes back, and I get back to living properly.

Over at our dedicated blog space, I have a little list of 101 things that I would like to do in the next 1001 days. Making that list was really hard for me.  Mostly because the things that I wanted to accomplish seemed so small. However, the cellist (my oldest child) inquired as to what I was making a list for, and when I told him, he said “So, all the things that you want to do, but haven’t up until this point can go on there?!” I told him yes, and then had to quickly check myself. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t accomplish that one thing this year. Embrace what you have accomplished, and just make a mental note to try again next year.

If that’s finishing school, getting another job, quitting a job, nurturing your family life, becoming a better wife, mom, sister, daughter, whatever – do it! It’s never too late!

2011 has taught me that after being alive for 31 years, it doesn’t matter what year you’re living in, just as long as you’re living.

And with that, I wish you all a very blessed and Happy New Year!

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About Natasha: Natasha is one sixth of the Houseful Of Nicholes. Born and raised in Chicago, she is tourist of her own city. She is married to her high school sweetheart and a stay at home mom of four inquisitive children - ages 11(the cellist), 3(ladybug), and 10 month old twins (Lil Miss & Sir Twizzler). While most seem to think that she effortlessly mothers and spouses on a day to day basis, she keeps it together from prayer and the desire to give her children the life that children should have. Her house can always be expected to be full of laughter, food, cloth diapers and maybe a little bit of homemade play-dough. She began blogging at Houseful Of Nicholes when she and her husband found out that their third child was indeed their third AND fourth child. Given the charge of transforming their house from one of four to that of six, she began researching everything to try and make her home life easier and her footprint on this earth a little bit better. Blogging has led her into the wonderful world of sewing, canning, reading (again) and creating. Her home life may be a bit busy, but that's just the way that she likes it.You can follow her tweets @HFofNicholes or her online life at View author profile.

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