Throw Your Hands In The Air Like You Just Don’t Care…

| February 12, 2012 | Comments (2)

…used to reference dancing in an old song.

That seems like a thousand years ago as I am now reflecting that life is never what we expect it to be.

When I think of 15 year old Herbert Pulgar, a freshman at Alliance for Children and Families Lawrence Hall Youth Services, my heart becomes heavy with the grief of a mother feeling her child’s pains and disappointments.

It has been stated that Herbert was severely burned in a fire as a youth and desired to thank his responders when he designed the infamous submission for Chicago City Sticker. While we will never know what thoughts were in anyone’s head leading up to this controversy, it is a sad assessment when we let terrorists win. Urban terrorists are the most vile of criminals because they prohibit a community’s natural flow. These malignancies on society go ignored until someone ends up dead, then there is outrage, and then an eerie return to silence.

What should be a contest for best design of art has morphed into a “gang” controversy. “Gang” simply does not define what plagues Chicago. It is urban terrorism at its most defiant. Expression being confused with “throwing up signs” is despicable.

Maybe it was an image relating this young boys experience with gang signs, but this has become our world, make no mistake. Children die over what is really SIGN LANGUAGE every day in our metropolis. It has not been reported nearly enough how many innocent hearing impaired have been targeted by these under-educated monsters.

But here we are rewarding them with what they love – attention. They, who make hot summer days hell, with their poor aim and anger management issues. Legislation is not nearly binding enough where these mad, cryptic scavengers are concerned. We fear political strife thousands of miles away instead of concentrating on what paralyzes our lifestyles here in our own parks and streets.

What a shame. Poor Herbert Pulgar isn’t the only one crying about this injustice.

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Comments (2)

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  1. I thought this was all so heartbreaking, too. I don’t understand why the city didn’t allow him to redraw the hands (with the help of an artist to address the timing, if need be). That might have given him the opportunity to erase the gang issue and also sent a message that the city is committed to not allowing gangs to ruin the dreams of yet another child in Chicago. It was all handled so poorly, in my opinion.

  2. Dwana says:

    yes, Lisa, so poorly handled … since writing this I did hear that Clerk Mendoza gave the young Mr. Pulgar $1000 … though I’m still uncomfortable with the message all of this sends…

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