New year, new you?

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What is it about the first few months of a New Year that causes new diets, implementation of more exercise, or some sort of betterment? I am really not sure why we decide to propel ourselves into tailspinning change with the hopes of revamping ourselves, but we do!

Whatever the case, I am guilty as charged. I have overhauled my life several times over the last ten years in SO many ways on my journey to becoming a healthier person.

Initially, my goals were to become a better role model for my son. You see, as his only participating parent, it weighed heavily on my mind that I had NO time to be sick, and I had even less time to die. If anything happened to me who would care for my child? I quit smoking and began a road to vibrancy!

I don’t think people who strive to live a healthy lifestyle ever really get where they are going because “healthy” is such an open field of information. Having a large variety of options keeps it exciting, thankfully. There are so many programs in the world of HEALTH. There are also a plethora of views and bases to cover.

Tyler Masterson, Founder of the Chicago-based company NewHealth Solutions, presents some interesting claims that I have personally found to be true.

Working Tyler’s natural and organic supplement in conjunction with Tim Ferris’ “The 4-Hour Body” has helped me shed body fat and given me the energy I needed to stay pumped up during my extended work-out times. pAGG is the acronym for policosanol, alpha-lipoic acid, decaffeinated green tea extract and garlic. The pills are easy to consume, tasteless and have no side-effects.

pAGG was just picked up by the GNC chain so they are easy to find. I liked that they support cardiovascular health, along with your energy needs.

I am really glad I  jumped right on board. With just under 30 days until I turn 45, 4 supplements a day later, 15 pounds later, I am happy to say I am feeling rejuvenated. With the increase in workout times I didn’t think I’d be saying that I feel energy, but I do!

These supplements did not cause me any digestive problems either – BIG PLUS.

What types of lengths are you willing to go through on your way to a healthier, happier you?

I was given 1 bottle of  pAGG ALL DAY and 1 bottle of pAGG Night Time to sample. My views and opinions are my own.

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