Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day 2012

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Feeling particularly “SPRINGY”? Well, you should! After all, the promise of beautiful weather has arrived and the parade of fun holidays is around the corner.

What will you be purchasing for the ladies in your life this Mother’s Day Sunday May 13, 2012?

Fragrance that appeals to your loved one is always a good present.

There is nothing worse than receiving a fragrance that overpowers you, or is not something you would enjoy so be certain that your loved one LIKES the fragrance beforehand.

I received MK Signature & Coach Signature Summer Fragrances from The Estée Lauder Companies as part of a Chicago Moms Campaign and let me say, had someone walked up to me in the Department Store I more than likely would have refused their free “spray” and 5-second pitch – and GUESS WHAT? I WOULD HAVE MISSED OUT on two really great fragrances.

Being polite but firm, I always refuse fragrance assaults in Department Stores because I am extremely sensitive. If a fragrance doesn’t agree with me I get a debilitating headache, therefore I always refuse. I tend to do best with the little spray insert advertisements within my favorite magazines, but with blogging and the internet, who really has time to read print magazines anymore?

Luckily when Michael Kors and Coach Signature Summer Fragrance arrived, I could test them and savor the results.

Michael Kors is very distinct and sensual. It seems to have a floral, spicy tone that hints at woodsy and tropical. Incredibly sexy! You can purchase a MK Gorgeous Mother’s Day Set for $100. It includes the EDP Spray 3.4 ounces, lotion,and a sexy body shimmer available at

Coach is light and floral. There is a hint of wood or distinct outdoorsy with blossoms. Very nice! The COACH Signature Summer Limited Edition Eau de Toilette has a suggested retail price of $65.00 for 1.7oz bottle and is available at

Online shoppers can find all other options at  & 

Happy Mother’s Day 2012!

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