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I am for all things healthy. After suffering debilitating stress eczema in the late 1990’s, my path turned toward healing and health for two reasons. I had to get myself better because the blistering I was experiencing was from head to toe and secondly, I never wanted my children to be so full of toxins that their immune systems would shut down in a similar painful and unsightly manner.

Anyone who has children with allergies knows that it is MUCH easier to change a lifestyle than to administer painful shots or endure outbreaks of all sorts that, more often than not, lead to the ER.

Enter Hot Tot! Megan Gage sent out a few samples and I must say, I adore these products. Long past being the mother of little ones, I tried these products for 3 months on my own sensitive skin and that of my teen son. The line is luxurious! The Conditioning Detangler, when sprayed on wet hair, provided a fresh scent and made my thick hair extremely manageable. My favorite product is the Sweet Pea serum. It smells so delicious, and is so moisturizing! It amazingly makes your scalp, AND fingertips, smooth and silky. Imagine using these products on babies!

Typically I do purchase lines that are made for children because they are aimed at being more delicate.

Megan’s line is committed to being eco-friendly, and she donates portions of her proceeds to charities that benefit children.

The Hot Tot line has great styling options for the tiniest ones in our lives for under $20. With 82% of the top selling brands contaminated with dangerous chemicals such formaldehyde, these products truly seem like a breath of fresh air.

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