What are your Father’s Day plans?

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A couple of years ago my friend Christina, who blogs at Humbug Stew, sent me an email about Father’s Day. She said in part, “Why doesn’t anyone make “normal” Father’s Day cards.  I always find myself with a wide selection of insulting cards (hey honey you can’t fix anything and I am always right) and a wide selection of stalker cards (You are the air in my life. I live every day for your phone call.). If I sent my spouse a card that said I could not breathe without him he would have me checked by a doctor.  Where are the normal cards?  The ones that say something like “Thank you for being a good sport and a good friend.  I am still glad I married you”?  I know that there is demand because there are always five of us picking up the cards every holiday, sighing and putting them back.”

I kept her email for two years because it always makes me smile. I agree with her about the cards, but not just for Father’s Day. I feel that way about anniversary and birthday cards too.  I also feel that way about the celebrations surrounding these events. It’s not that I don’t want to let my husband know that he’s a great Dad. It’s just that I’m not sure a dinner out or carefully wrapped gift does that.
Of course, this Sunday is Father’s Day so we need to do something.  We have a short time to get our act together as we have nothing planned yet. When I say nothing I mean nothing — no ideas, no hints from my husband, no possibilities. It’s like we’re all waiting for inspiration to walk by and smack us in the head. I spend a lot of time thinking about Father’s Day and very little time actually planning it. When I do come up with an idea, it’s usually too late to implement it.
Still, I feel like we’re somehow letting my husband down by not coming up with a fabulous Father’s Day idea. I try not to buy into the hype, but the endless commercials make me feel like a slacker for not having something wonderful (or in my case anything) planned. In the hopes of finding inspiration, what are you planning for Father’s Day? From the elaborate to the simple, I’m interested in what everyone else is doing. I know there must be an idea or two out there that I can adapt for our Father’s Day celebration since nothing I’m coming up with seems to work.
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