Healthy Quenchers For Our Young Athletes

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As caring parents, we are constantly faced with the challenge of offering satisfying meals and snacks to our active kids. From the perspective of our young athletes, “satisfying” means yummy, filling and fulfilling.

This is where your blender can come in so very handy. The smoothie/shake treats you can provide are limitless. Kids love them and parents can feel responsible and “cool” for including on the menu.

The variety of ingredients can include fruit, vegees, and protein and vitamin-filled yogurts, nut butters, and chocolate or regular milk or even orange juice.  The key to the richness is the frozen (ie. frozen fruit or crushed ice).

The responsible part is the mix of nutrients.

Here is the yummy part: These drinks are thick, rich, creamy and filling.

Experiment around based upon your kids’ taste.

Here is one mix of ingredients which has been a hit with my kids:

  • vanilla no fat yogurt
  • a bit of peanut butter
  • frozen blueberries
  • ½ a frozen banana
  • baby spinach and/or carrots
  • orange juice

You will notice that I don’t list amounts. Honestly, I just throw in some of each and blend away. You can always sample along the blended way in order to add more of one ingredient or another to hit that right texture and taste.

How the simple smoothie can pave the way to a happy and energy filled young athlete.

Best part is you can indulge as well. (It is your reward for having to clean the blender!)

Speaking of blender delicious and nutritious eats, have I mentioned by sweet potato pizza? For another day I guess.

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