Why Amalgam Fillings are Safer for Kids (and Moms)

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I have the excellent good fortune to have very strong teeth. As a result I have made it to my forties with only three cavities all of which are in my wisdom teeth.

I have been concerned about the mercury in my fillings just because I think that anything that needs to be treated like a hazardous waste should not actually be permanently installed inside my head.

I was thinking about having my fillings replaced with the white composite ones that are not made with mercury. My dentist thought that was a terrible idea.

This is yet another reason to love my dentist.

As it turns out, those white fillings are made with BPA, which may have neurotoxic properties and cause behavioral problems in children. This was apparently big news back in July, except that somehow I missed it completely. Someone did a study of more than five hundred children trying to prove that the amalgam (silver) fillings caused problems and got the result that the amalgam ones caused no behavioral problems but that the plastic ones were correlated with problems that got worse the more fillings a child had.

Here is the original study. Note the date.

And if the mother had the fillings it was just as problematic.

The mice didn’t do well either

Which should not be news to anyone who read the 2008 report published by the NIH about the dangers of BPA.

Or, if you really want to get upset, this 1996 report that showed that the fillings leak BPA might help

Of course BPA has also been linked to brain tumors.

And it is long suspected of making you fat…and a JAMA article shows correlation in childrenĀ and this one is for adults.

So for now, I plan to keep my fillings. If my son needs fillings I will either find someone willing to do gold fillings or I will go with amalgam.

In the meantime I will continue to brush his teeth once a day until he proves to me that he can get them all clean since the safest bet is not to get cavities at all.


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