Get Your Sexy Back with LisaRaye!

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Fresh off of a great season of Single Ladies, LisaRaye McCoy, a South Side of Chicago native, let The Chicago Moms know that even celebrity moms get insecure about their bodies and their images.

LisaRaye shared that television adds 10 pounds to your frames, and that it is just “not cute” when you are “fashion-forward-sexy-trend-setting”!

When you are also on a hit show, and want to be at your very best what can you do?! Just like other moms battling imperfections, whether they are noticeable or not, LisaRaye believes that it can interfere with how we feel about ourselves, especially if we become overwhelmed with how to combat our health and weight issues.

Things like cellulite and dimples can impact, as LisaRaye calls it, #TEAM-BUTT-NAKED-DRESS-TO-KILL. How we think our significant others see us, or even our families or girlfriends, could very well be causing stress in our relationships. When it comes to living our best lives we should be able to “keep the lights on with our significant others”!

LisaRaye says weight loss, and being in shape, should go hand and hand with better health and keeping sexy. Years ago she ran here in her hometown, as an Ambassador for the Susan G. Koman Foundation. Having had family/friends in her life personally affected by the ravages of breast cancer, she trained vigorously to do a good race. When the run was over she had no motivation left to work hard at staying in shape. It was then she remembered her 1998 role as Diamond in The Players Club. LisaRaye knew she, and all of us, can get our “sexy back”!

LisaRaye is using a 90 day challenge powered by Body by Vi and has about a month to go. She wants you to get your SEXY BACK with her!

You can visit for more information! Follow LisaRaye @TheRealLRaye on twitter and on Facebook. Feel free to check back with us here at The Chicago Moms and post your results!

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