Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Spicy Olive Dip

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Spicy giardiniera is a Chicago tradition. Only in Chicago are there jars and jars of hot and mild and olive giardinara in every grocery store. When I visit family out of town, I have been known to smuggle the stuff in my suitcases.

For the food allergic there is one downside to the stuff. I have yet to find a giardinara that is soy free. That said all of the ones that I have found are free of gluten, dairy, eggs, and the rest of the entire big eight plus sesame, corn and citrus.

With the holidays coming up and with us hosting all the time, I needed a festive looking creamy dip for all the relatives who want a creamier dip. So this one goes out to all the creamy dip lovers out there who need a dairy-free, gluten-Free, corn-free vegan dip. This is a true Chicago dip. It is spicy and creamy at the same time and it is a refreshing change from the ever present french onion and queso dips.

That said, in the tradition of French Onion Soup Mix dip, this one contains three ingredients. I guess it could be four if your cream cheese isn’t salty enough and you need to add some salt.

1/2 cup soy cream cheese (about half a tub)
1/4 cup of egg-free sandwich spread (i.e vegan mayonnaise)
1/4 cup hot giardiniera.

Stick blender
Measuring cups
Container with lid for holding dip

Process the giardiniera with the stick blender until it is finely minced but not a puree (maybe 10 quick pulses)
Mix in the soy cream cheese
Mix in the mayonnaise
Mix thoroughly
Add salt to taste
Chill and serve with plantain, lentil or potato chips

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