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| January 23, 2013 | Comments (3)

Last month, I caught wind of the Sandy Hook tragedy while I was sailing in the middle of the ocean, on my way back to the states. Talk about a huge wake up call.

I immediately felt worried. It was 3 in the morning, and I was worrying about my children who were probably fast asleep with my mother in law back home.

I basically ignored all news stories on the shootings, and any newspaper articles, or news casts that I was subject to, I would quickly turn away or turn from.

Which leads me to request  that we do something from here on out that we always seem to do whenever tragedy strikes.


I’m loving the 26 random acts of kindness trends, and the general love your neighbor trends that are going on, but I want them to stay. By no means do I mean that you have to go and randomly hug someone that you don’t know (especially me – I’m not a hugger and actually don’t like being randomly touched – it’s a long story) but just be patient.

Be patient with parents out with children who may not necessarily be acting up, but they’re just being children. This may be the only time that they can get out and spend time together as a family.

Be patient with that older person who may be in front of you on the expressway driving 35 miles per hour. ¬†They’re older.

Be patient with the waiter who just can’t seem to get your order correct. He may be brand new.

Be patient with the person in the grocery lane in front of you causing the line to back up by asking too many coupon questions. She may be working with a limited budget.

Be patient with your child’s teacher. They have more children than just your precious one.

Be patient with your spouse (or ex-spouse, hey, it happens.) You chose them.

Be patient with your children. They only get to do this child thing once. Let them enjoy it more.

Be patient with yourselves. This life thing is pretty hectic.

But it’s the only one you get.

Let’s do it right.

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Comments (3)

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  1. Whitney says:

    Well said, Mrs. Nicholes. I try to always speak life and positivity in all that I do. You never know what someone is going through, and your smile kind words and deeds may be the thread that keeps a person hanging on.

    • Natasha says:

      It’s the good thing to do in life. I’ve asked for more graciousness, and I see the effect that being gracious has on others, as well as me. My days go much better when I don’t automatically react without thinking of how my actions might affect others. It’s hard when you’re a spitfire (like me) but it makes for great living when you’re just nice.

  2. Kim Ellis says:

    :-) Yes indeed! (emphasis on deed!) Patience is truly a virtue worth practising on a daily basis. Good for the soul!!

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