The new Jockey Bra store is a spa-like experience

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JOCKEY-bra-woodfield-boutiqueIf you get any group of women together to talk about shopping, there are two things we all dread. One is shopping for jeans. The other is bra shopping.  The new Jockey Bra store at Woodfield Mall aims to solve bra shopping problems by completely redesigning the bra.

Traditional bra shopping involves measuring underneath the bust to figure out the size and across the bust to figure out the cup size. The new Jockey Bra does away with the traditional cup size by using breast volume to determine the best bra fit.

Jockey Bra is the first and only system that measures breast volume using a series of fit cups, along with a color-coded measuring tape. Designed by women, for women, the new bras are described as “the closest thing to custom fit available today.” Jockey conducted eight years of research and development, including the 3-D scanning of more than 800 female bodies, to design Jockey Bra.

When I was invited to visit the new store and be fitted for a bra, I was skeptical. There aren’t many things I dislike more than bra shopping. It’s all just too much for a non-shopper like me — too many sizes, too many colors, too many strap options, too many everything. It exhausts me.

As soon as you walk into the  Jockey Bra store in Woodfield Mall you know something is different. It’s part educational center, part spa and part personal shopping experience.

The education portion of the tour was like a science lesson. Here’s an explanation I found interesting, “Would you measure water in a pitcher with a tape measure? No. So why would you measure a woman’s breast with a flat measuring tool? With its revolutionary new Volumetric Fit System, Jockey Bra invites women to order a Jockey Bra Fit Kit to measure the volume of their breast via a unique cup system to find their perfect fit. The Fit Kit includes 10 volumetric fit cup sizes and a color-coded measuring band to measure the body’s under-bust measurement.”

The Fit Kit was available in the private dressing room. I decided to try to measure myself before asking for confirmation from the staff. The Fit Kit is available at the Jockey website. Women who don’t have a Jockey Bra store near them can order a Fit Kit on the website. I wanted to see if I could figure out how to measure myself if I didn’t have a Jockey Bra store nearby.

I was close, but after quite a bit of back and forth, we decided that I was off by a cup size. It’s not surprising that I didn’t know my true bra size. According to a Jockey press release, “Research shows that 75 percent of women have difficulty finding a bra that fits properly and a staggering 85 percent are wearing the wrong size.” Once we decided a size/cup combination, we started looking at style options. In each room there is a touch screen that explains the benefits of each different style. I had two favorites so I tried them both. One was a clear winner: the Classic Soft Bra Cup.

The overall experience was very peaceful, especially for a confirmed non-shopper like me. I left feeling good about my time in the store and even better about my new bra. For any women seeking a new bra shopping experience, a trip to the Jockey Bra store in Woodfield Mall should be at the top of the list. It’s worth the drive to find a bra that fits so nicely and feels so comfortable. For more information is at

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Disclosure: I did receive a free bra and gift certificate for visiting the Jockey Bra store.

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