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what-a-mother-knows-coverAuthor Leslie Lehr wrote an entire book around a question every mother asks herself every day. How far would you go to protect your child? It’s something I’ve talked about with friends, especially after something in the news creates that worried feeling in the pit of my stomach. Every mother wants to protect her child(ren) from real and perceived danger. In What a Mother Knows, the mother is forced to ask herself if she’s gone far enough or if she has gone too far.

What a Mother Knows starts with Michelle (the mother) coming home after a lengthy stay in a rehabilitation center. Michelle was in a car accident and beat the odds because no one thought she’d survive. For the first few weeks she has to feel like maybe surviving wasn’t the best outcome. She quickly finds out that everyone around her created a false reality to keep up her spirits. Coming home Michelle finds her world unraveling, with the most difficult news being that her daughter is missing.

What follows is something every mother will recognize. Michelle becomes obsessed with finding her missing daughter. Her obsession strains all her relationships, some of which weren’t very strong to start. There are times when you cheer for Michelle. There are times when you want to shake her and say, “You have a son still. Pay more attention to him.”

The story is set on both coasts. The car accident happens in Los Angeles, where Michelle is a successful film industry executive. Questions quickly arise about why the young man (who dies in the accident) was in her car. Michelle has sketchy memories of the young man and her daughter together. She wonders if she caused her daughter to disappear because she was driving the car before the accident. She wonders if she missed some signs about her daughter’s relationship with the young man. Mostly she wonders if regaining her memories of the accident will help her find her daughter.

There are things I’d like to discuss with other mothers after they read the story, but too many more details will give away key story elements. I found it What a Mother Knows to be a fun and though-provoking novel. I don’t know what decisions I would have made if I ended up in Michelle’s position, but it would be a great discussion for any book club.

For more information about What a Mother Knows or Leslie Lehr, visit http://www.leslielehr.com/


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Disclosure: I did receive a free review copy of the book, which I donated to our Friends of the Library bookstore.

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