Real Women Give

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Often people will question how to raise better, more conscientious children who will then turn into great citizens.

The formula is obviously varied and convoluted. There are so many ingredients that go into making well-rounded, generous people, but the most important of these is based in giving.

Just ask Karyn Brianne. She is part of The Red Pump Project but has recently decided to launch Real Women Give.

Her ‘giving’ nature has displayed for all her know her, just how deep a giving spirit can impact a community. Karyn has inspired Chicago Women to engage in HIV/AIDS Awareness along with, Luvvie Ajayi. Karyn has subsequently now, impacted women in a different way by emphasizing the nature of sharing ones-self. In sharing of ones-self, you may then be able to see others struggle and celebrate their potential. Those who sacrifice for the sake of others, really have the capacity to teach that in giving you really can alter someone, and their community’s, trajectory.

Please support this effort if you can.


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