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Living in today’s world is a busy and often harried experience. In order to stay at your best, you must have support in place. We here at The Chicago Moms will compliment that support.

It is up to us, and those who care about us, to make sure we take great care of ourselves. Our families depend on us to take good care of them and to make sound decisions when it comes to our own health.

I undergo regular care of a Chiropractor and receive as much preventative care as humanly possible. This is so important to living our best lives. Then comes what we eat. When we say ‘eating right’, what does that really mean?

Proper diet nowadays can mean so many different things. People are sensitive to a variety of food groups and additives. Some people follow low-carb, no meat, lean meat, special fads or go to gyms. All of these options have benefit. Over the next few months, The Chicago Moms will be looking into as many options as possible. If you are wanting a great plan for your health, you will definitely find what you are looking for here.

Recently I visited Aligned Modern Health here in Chicago. There I found highly trained specialists who offer a wide-range of ‘wellness’ at 4 Chicago-land locations. They seem extremely well-equipped in getting you to an in-depth prescription for staying at the top of your game. There is even nutritional advice available.

While they service everyone, with all levels of challenges, Aligned Modern Health at 3514 N. Southport, Chicago, has particular emphasis on the mother. Dr. Danielle Dever’s protocol prepares expectant mothers and keeps new moms in optimal health.

“For a lot of them, this is their first pregnancy and they do not know what to expect. In the early months we focus on making sure their spine and pelvis is moving so that the baby has enough room to develop and move around,” Dr. Dever shared. I wish I had known about all of this 20 years ago!

Learning that Dr. Dever is certified in the Webster technique as well, which can be a non-invasive maneuver to turn breech babies, is a huge testament on helping women interested in having healthy pregnancies. All of these things and more are so instrumental to maintaining healthy families and healthy selves.

My first visit to Aligned Modern Health included a deep tissue manipulation which is the only way I can function during the week. With two boys, one is 17 the other 20, life can be very active and challenging. Couple mothering with two dogs, tons of computer work each day and age, my neck and spine need constant attention. What are some of the challenges you face?


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