Massages Are Just What the Dr. Ordered

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IMG_6987Being that my forage into the world of massages began with a pre-natal massage while I was whale months’ pregnant with my now three year old twins, I wasn’t fully aware of all the awesomeness that they held. Mind you, the massage was wonderful, but I wasn’t able to fully relax on my stomach or back while getting it. I did however fall asleep, and that my friends was worth it all.

Fast forward two years and some change, and I was able to travel to Aligned Modern Health on the city’s north side, and have a massage that helped me learn a lot about where I put stress on my body, AND the fact that body care can often start with simple things like massage.

To give you a little background, I’m a wife and a mom…of four. Ages 13, 5, and a set of 3 year old twins. I homeschool, blog and sew. I am often found in the sitting position which I didn’t think was all that horrible, but it in fact is.

According to my masseuse, I carry LOTS of stress in my arms, legs, and shoulders. That’s mostly from the constant carrying, typing, and pushing fabric through machines. I immediately felt better, although a couple of spots were worked through during my 60 minute session.

I was able to ask lots of questions, however, I do believe that the next time that I go, I will indeed stay silent and possibly close my eyes and drift.

What I loved:

The room wasn’t bright, or uncomfortable. It also wasn’t filled with tons of things. The music was super relaxing, and not offensive. The smell was a scent that I wouldn’t mind being enveloped in constantly. So much so that I hate that I didn’t ask what it was because of my relaxed state. My massage therapist also gave me the option of how comfortable I wanted to be. Since I’ve served in the World’s Finest Navy, I’m pretty secure, so I just got out of everything to my undies. Even with that, the level of covering that he had mastered was great in giving me extra security.

I would suggest Aligned Modern Health for massage needs, but it’s also good to know that they offer chiropractic services as well as accupuncture (which I shall be scheduling soon, and blogging about over at my spot) and weekly yoga classes.

I’m always supportive of ways that we can heal our bodies without adding extra to it, and also feel good in the process.

Have you had massage, accupuncture or chiropractic therapy before? What has your experience been? Share with me!

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