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unnamedNow that we are knee deep in the school year, having survived Back-To-School, we moms are already thinking about that perfect get-away, or quick lunch with a friend to offset the grind. Those first two weeks after Summer Break are a doozy for so many of us! The gentle, lazy days of summer are gone, so now is the time to settle in and get through it all.

There are so many things that bring a mother joy from her stressful day-to-day life: hot baths, spa days, massages, getting hair and nails done … these are all the sorts of things that can get a mom to her next stint as the Soccer Practice Chauffeur. Often though, there is no time for these marvelous relievers and that is where great body products that you can use from the comfort of your home come in!

One such product, that meets most mothers’ desire for environmental friendly with natural ingredients is ‘KISS MY ASH‘ (yeah, I said it!)! These are the moisture enhancing products under ‘NATURALS by Gina B‘!

My friend for, I refuse to reveal how long,¬†Gina B. is a native Chicagoan, columnist and blogger who has been making Chicago think and laugh for over 10 years now. ¬†Gina has written the highly popular column, The Gina Spot, which ran in the Tribune’s RedEye, and is also an original member of the blogging/media group, Six Brown Chicks.

Many of us desire great body products and can spend an entire afternoon eagerly shopping for that perfect balm. Naturals by Gina B. was born of that same enthusiasm, for aromatic, luscious, body products. Her secret love of chemistry combined with “heat damage to her curly hair that had been robbed of its elasticity by an overzealous flat iron”, followed by her attempt to create a conditioner to restore the health of her hair caused her to stumbled across a formula that worked for skin, hair, and any other body parts that thrive when given moisture. Gina kept this product to herself until friends convinced her of its mass appeal.

Her press kit also shares that “Kiss My Ash was introduced to the market in the form of a body balm, which is a decadent emollient moisturizer that kisses away the ashy appearance of dry skin. A little bit goes a long way! Its partner is a body buff — a scrub that contains dead sea salt, coconut oil and a blend of essential oils that sloughs off flaky skin and reveals the beauty beneath. These products are unisex and boast a decadent lemongrass aroma that lingers just long enough without interfering with personal fragrance choices.”

Sounds great to me! I’ve tried and enjoyed the products and highly recommend them. Watch ‘Naturals by Gina B’ ‘s Facebook page for more information, or to leave questions for Gina and be notified about giveaways. Also visit the website.


disclosure: I was given Kiss My Ash body balm and Kiss My Ash Body Buff to try and was not asked to write anything other than my own opinions. Oh, and we had a great breakfast catching up!


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