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Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 6.16.51 PMI am over-weight. I have always struggled with my weight. There have only been two times in my life when I was thin. High School and College.

Somehow I have always maintained the same size in clothes, probably because the weight distributes to my behind!

Along with a girlfriend of mine, I have attempted every single program out here. I think it began with Nutri-system … and ended with our ChicagonistaLIVE friend Karyn Calabrese’s program at Karyn’s.

Karyn’s program always works for me, but sticking with it forever is the hard part. It does not help that I abhor working out. I do have a stationary bike in my home and a workout facility at the police station where I work. I work out every day, but I am still over-weight.

Last week I received an invitation to sit and talk with Tory Johnson. Tory means the world to me because I began my Social Media life on her “Women For Hire’ site in 2007.  It used to be a sort-of Facebook-like web resource where you could meet other entrepreneurial women, interact, and journal. There are five women I befriended there, and we remain friendly to this day! One has since sadly passed away. Now Women For Hire is a huge resource for women in all areas. Be sure to pop over and peruse at your leisure.

The sit-down was to talk about her #1 New York Times Bestseller ‘The Shift‘, now in paperback. I am working this program slowly but surely. I turn 50 in 3 years and want it to be my best birthday to date. I will be healthy and fit and “shifting” with Tory is how I will beat this 20 year battle.

Forming entirely new habits, keeping to a reasonable portion-size and buying a scale are the first tips I took to get myself started. Tory lost 62 pounds in one year using a variety of well thought out and designed steps.

Tory said losing that 62 pounds was powerful because, “think about it, 62 pounds … you can’t even pick it up” … Nope, I can’t pick up 62 pounds and carry it around, can you? I don’t think I can pick up and carry the 30 I will be losing!

If you struggle with health-related issues, are tired of dieting or “watching” what you eat, come shift with me! I will be updating my progress!

In the week since I met with Tory, I have lost 6 pounds!

I will also be using the app Tory recommends called RISEDownloading the app to your cell phone assigns you to your own personal nutritional counselor who monitors what you eat every day. My coach Simone, is firm and encouraging.


I was given the paperback “The Shift” and a 3 month trial of the phone app RISE. I was not asked to write about this product or the services. All opinions, suggestions and health-related remarks are my own.

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  1. Audree says:

    Great progress. Congrats!! It’s a lifetime of habits we have to change. It’s so hard.

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