Happy Shift Day!

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Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 12.07.07 PM What happens after Week 4 of Shift With Tory? It gets easier. How so? I don’t remember what I was eating over a month ago! Thank goodness for senility!

The good news is that I am down 14 pounds! The bad thing is that I don’t even feel it yet, which is actually a good thing because I am motivated to do the 25 and maybe even 30!

I exercise all week purposefully and do what I can to get steps in on the weekend. I have increased my water to the point where I actually like it – although I do fortify my water quite a bit with a calcium enriching nutrient powder that contains no sugar.

There is no eating after 8pm, but really I stopped eating late once I turned 40. So what made the difference in this effort when all other efforts resulted in no weight loss? I believe ‘The Shift” combined with RISE made the difference. In the ‘Shift’ I learned that this way of eating will never end. Portion control, mostly vegetables and exercise is just how it is from now on. THERE IS NO END. RISE will end, and I have finished reading the book, but there are really great and inspiring recipes in the back so it will be my constant reminder that there is NO END and NO GOING BACK!

Using the phone app RISE has been instrumental in keeping me honest.

image1 IMG_3507

Use the code TC48CC for 20% off the membership of your choice.

Come ‘shift’ with us, remember summer is only 7 months away!



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