Two new ways to track your important items

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DevicesIt’s the holiday season and everyone is talking about what might end up under the tree. Even as parents are talking about what they might buy, they are setting the odds about how long it will take their children to lose the gifts. As someone who has spent a lot of time during the past year looking for lost items, I’ve started searching for ways to keep our new and old stuff from disappearing.

One item that is going to end up in our girls music instrument cases is the nio™  Tag. What’s great about the nio Tag is that it helps you track items you can’t find via an app. The lightweight nio connects wirelessly to whatever item you carry often, but can’t afford to lose. From your purse to your child’s backpack to your briefcase to your smartphone, you will be notified if you become separated from your items. It’s a lifesaver for anyone who has ever left a briefcase on the train or a smartphone on the plane.

I’ve thought about how much I could have used the nio Tag when our girls were younger. There were moments when we were worried about getting separated in an airport or in a theme park.  We could have put the nio Tag in their backpacks or on their shirts. According to the nio Tag website, “nio works by running software on your mobile that communicates via Bluetooth with one or more nio™ tags. These tags can be secured to almost any item you want to protect and form a security zone between your tagged item and your mobile phone. If the tag or your mobile move outside of the security zone they both alarm to alert you of a potential loss or theft so that it can be prevented.” There are so many applications that once you start using nio, you’ll think of more and more ways to track your world. nio Tag is available for $54.99 and is available for shipping in North America.

For those of us who can’t figure out how to manage all our devices, a new app called Remo MORE (Manage Optimize Recover Enhance) helps your family manage everything in a unified way. What’s great about MORE is it helps you take charge of all the devices in your universe — and helps you find them if they are misplaced. The Remo MORE website calls its product a “complete device management system” that you control from a single dashboard. This is the aspect I found most appealing. We have several devices with different apps to track them in case we lose them. Of course, this means we have different log-ins and passwords for each account.

In addition to managing devices, Remo MORE’s website notes it can help parents safeguard their kids’ online activities. Parents can monitor their children’s social media usage, control which “chat” apps they use and prevent unauthorized access to apps. The press release announcing Remo MORE notes “The CEO uses it himself to keep a virtual eye on his teenager’s phone for safety reasons and even help his tech-averse father with laptop issues.” We know necessity is the mother of invention, but in this case it was a father who created a way to help families manage their devices from a single dashboard.

No matter what you’re putting under the tree, remember to check out one of these ways to keep track of your investment. Given how much time we spend trying to keep track of our stuff, it’s nice to have a little extra security protecting you, your family and your important items.

Shari writes about life with twin daughters at Two Times the Fun. Image courtesy of  Free Images.


Disclosure:  I did receive a nio Tag for review. My words and opinions are my own.

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