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Pierre the french bulldog recyclesAlways there bearOne of the great things about raising readers is you get to read all the books your children enjoy. Sometimes we read classic stories over and over again. Sometimes we have opportunities to read new works. Lately we’ve been arriving home to find newly issued stories in our mailbox. These stories are designed for children up to age six, but our tweens enjoyed reading them to their friends’ younger siblings.

Anna Banana stars in two new books:  Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion and Sleep Tight Anna Banana. These books, written by Dominique Roques and illustrated by Alexis Dormal, feature a  charming stuffed animal cast Zigzag, Fuzzball, Pingpong, Foxface, Whaley and Grizzler. These characters come to life to help Anna bake a cake in Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion. While the team works together to create a mess, one team member goes off by himself to create his masterpiece. They all learn that working together is more fun than trying to impress each other. In Sleep Tight Anna Banana, Anna can’t sleep so the gang has all kinds of fun trying to help her get to sleep. When Anna decides it’s time to close her eyes, she finds that her friends are no longer sleepy. The illustrations really give the characters endearing personalities. Our favorite was Fuzzball, who was so cute and mischievous that we doubted that we could ever be mad at him. Roaring Brook Press publishes the Anna Banana series.

Always There Bear written by Trudi Granger and illustrated by Gareth Llwhellin is a charming book about children and their favorite teddy bears. One little girl takes her bear everywhere from the ocean to a tea party. Sometimes the bear goes places that aren’t much fun, like when the “sulky, grouchy, grumpy” bear accompanys his boy on a time out. The bears have fun on a trampoline, snuggle in bed due to a cold and play in the snow. Sky Pony Press publishes this charming book that speaks to every child’s need for a friend who loves him/her during the good time and the bad times.

Pierre the French Bulldog Recycles, written by Kate Louise and illustrated by Bethany Straker, uses an adorable dog to teach children a lesson about recycling. It’s written from the dog’s point of view, so the story unfolds as Pierre learns why he needs to recycle and the benefits of sorting trash. From start to finish the story flows nicely, even throwing in a lesson about perseverance.  The illustrations tell the story with wonderful details, like the paw prints on the grocery store floor as the dogs chase the garbage truck. Each page provides so much for caregivers to discuss with their children that a conversation about taking care of the earth comes naturally. Sky Pony Press publishes Pierre’s adventures.

Our girls had to be persuaded to turn to the first page of the Sleepless Knights story. They only made it as far as the first two pages of the book before they stopped, picked up some pencils and paper, and started drawing the Knight and Edward. From the first two pages, where James Sturm, Andrew Arnold and Alexis Frederick-Frost provide step-by-step illustrations to draw their two main characters, Sleepless Knight became an interactive graphic novel. As Knight and Edward went on their camping trip, our girls drew some of the panels. They had as much fun drawing as they did reading. Roaring Brook Press publishes Sleepless Knights.

Shari writes about life with twin daughters at Two Times The Fun. Image courtesy of Sky Pony Press.


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