Pure Food, Eat Clean with Seasonal, Plant-Based Recipes a perfect Farmer’s Market companion

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Pure FoodWe’re long-time fans of our local farmer’s markets. We spend some time every Saturday talking to growers about their produce and finding new recipes. Still, there are always ingredients I buy and never use. Sometimes it’s just a matter of figuring out how to use them in a dish the family will enjoy. This year, I’ll have a better roadmap as Pure Food, Eat Clean with Seasonal, Plant-Based Recipes, written by Veronica Bosgraff, arrived on my desk just in time for farmers market season.

One of the most useful things about this book is the way the recipes are organized by month. Bosgraaf creates a roadmap using whatever is in season to create flavorful recipes the entire family will enjoy. Her personal comments with each recipe make you feel like you’re reading a family cookbook passed through the generations. I appreciated the fact that she emphasizes clean cooking, but doesn’t make you feel badly about straying. My favorite example is in her Garlic and Thyme Mashed Potatoes recipe. She points our that she realizes that making recipes healthier can mean compromising on ingredients. “Finding a balance that gives great taste along with great health” sums up her philosophy nicely. She ends the commentary with an explanation of why she decided to use real butter in the recipe. She writes, “my theory is that life is about meeting in the middle — and some times I just want some butter.” When I read that I felt like she understands the tension between eating clean and comfort food. She provides a healthy recipe that you can make vegan if you’d like. Or you can add butter and still feel good about the dish.

The book is also a good guide for filling our freezer. We have a chest freezer in our garage. Throughout the growing season we freeze a lot of farmer’s market purchases so we have the most flavorful ingredients available during the “off-season.” I can package ingredients to make sure I have everything I need to make a “pure food” recipe long after those ingredients are no longer on sale at our local farmer’s market.

I will be working my way through the recipes as the season’s change. What I’ve made so far is a good down payment on the promise of tasty future dining experiences.

For more information about Pure Food, Eat Clean with Seasonal, Plant-Based Recipes, visit Amazon.com.

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