Ally-Saurus and the First Day of School a timely book for young children

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ally-saurusA delightful new book by Richard Torrey called Ally-Saurus & the First Day of School is a wonderful tool to help parents and young children transition back-to-school. Ally is a young girl with a fierce imagination. She’s worried about fitting in and making friends — two things all kids worry about no matter what their age.

What’s great about Ally is that she doesn’t change who she is just to make friends. She maintains her dinosaur spirit by chomping on her snack and roaring whenever she can. When the princesses dismiss her because she isn’t like them, she thinks she’s going to be alone at the lunch table. Instead, Ally finds others with her free spirit to fill those chairs. The messages in Ally-Saurus & the First Day of School are the same ones you’ll tell your child, but coming from Ally the messages will sound more reassuring.

Through his words and images, Richard creates a world in which all children find their place, even if their places change from the first page to the last. Young children are very flexible when it comes to their friends. One day this person is a best friend; the next day another person has that title. Children who shunned Ally when she demonstrates her dinosaur-fierce personality later invite her to be their friend. It’s something all children reading the book will understand.

The illustrations show the children as adults see them, as well as how they see themselves. Their imaginations come to life around them, making them complex personalities. It’s a unique perspective on young children. Most of the time they are drawn as one-dimensional characters. Richard makes sure they have the layers they deserve.

Designed for children from pre-school through second grade, Ally-Saurus & the First Day of School is published by Sterling Children’s Books. For more information about Ally-Saurus & the First Day of School , visit


Shari writes about life with twins at Two Times the Fun. Image courtesy of Ally-Saurus & the First Day of School.


Disclosure:  I did receive a review copy of the book. My words and opinions are my own.

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