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stock-photo-39376168-secret-sharingOne of my best friends always says our single days were just like “Sex & the City,” except we didn’t take home guys from every party; we didn’t have the fabulous wardrobe; and we didn’t discuss every personal issue over wine all the time. In other words, real like isn’t a television sitcom, no matter how much we wanted to wear some of the clothes.

It was strange, then, when I was invited to sit with a diverse group of women to discuss Finess, a new product designed to help women manage Stress Urinary Incontinence ( SUI). While SUI is a topic I had heard about on TV and read about in magazines, it has never been a topic my friends and I have discussed — not even in passing. I supposed I could have brought up the topic, but who wants to bring up SUI during the rare times we have some child-free time together?

Wikipedia explains that “In women, physical changes resulting from pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause often contribute to stress incontinence.” When our hostess started talking about how many women suffer with SUI, it really broke the ice. Everyone had a story about herself or someone else. From leaking during an aerobics class to a drip after sneezing to feeling damp after laughing, there were plenty of stories to bring SUI to life.  Given how many women were laughing, I’d guess that at least one was glad she had the opportunity to test Finess.

After our evening together I started telling friends about the Finess blogger event. I mentioned the product and its unique design. I mentioned all the interesting things I learned about SUI. My girlfriends shared stories about funny SUI moments. Sometimes they owned the stories. Sometimes it happened to a “friend.” In either case Finess was a product that started conversations and managed to intrigue them at the same time.

It was funny to listen to the Finess focus group laugh and share stories like long-lost friends. It reminded me that topics like SUI are only uncomfortable because we feel like we’re alone with them. Once we open up to one person, it opens the door for conversations with many people.

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