Christmas is the right time to mix family fun and fitness

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christmas-table-1213928According to a recent story in The Sun, “The average person consumes an enormous 7,000 calories from feasting and boozing on Christmas Day.” To put the number into perspective, Web MD recommends the average woman consume 1,800 – 2,200 calories per day.

It’s easy to say that you shouldn’t consume the calories, but let’s face it, Christmas Day is no time for sacrifice. It’s hard to avoid the candy that comes in your stocking, the egg nog waiting at the family dinner or the desserts you only taste once a year.

The Chicago Moms asked Group Exercise Director at the Score Sports Center Aubrie Nelson, BS, CPT, CCS, for some advice about ways to work off those extra calories. Aubrie notes that you don’t have to spend an hour exercising after Christmas dinner. “Even as little as 15 minutes can help ease stomach pains, beat bloat, and aid in flatter looking abdominals,” said Aubrie.

How can you spend that time and still have fun with the family? Aubrie offers four ways to sneak exercise into your family gathering without interrupting the fun.

1. Go for a walk. One easy way to get your Christmas dinner digesting better is to do some low-impact walking. It will help to get your body and metabolism going and to avoid everyone falling asleep on the couch. Whether it’s a quick jaunt around the block or a longer one, a walk is good for the whole family, so make it a post-Christmas dinner tradition.

2. Hula Hoop. Hula hooping might seem silly as a form of exercise, but it’s actually one of the best ways to tone your abdominals, massage your organs, and get a full cardiovascular workout. And after a big meal, it will pull you out of your Christmas lethargy and even aid with digestion. You can make a fun contest out of who can go the longest.

3. Dancing. No dance experience necessary. You can turn on some holiday music or your favorite jams and have a freestyle dance party. Imitate your favorite artists or have a silliest dancer contest. No matter what you do, you are moving and burning calories and having fun. Plus, you’re making memories and creating good stories for next year.

4. Active Games. Fun family games like Charades or Twister can get you moving and everyone involved. The excitement will help you stay off the couch and not even think about how full you are let alone that you are working out.

For more tips, visit the Score Sports Center blog.


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