Ready, Set…Baby! helps children get ready for the new addition

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Ready Set BabyElizabeth Rusch wrote a darling book called “Ready, Set…Baby!” which is the perfect gift to give young children to read while they wait for their new baby brother or sister. As you turn the pages, you’ll wonder if Elizabeth could, somehow, read children’s minds.

Anna and Oliver find out that their mom is expecting a new baby. As they wait the long nine months, they walk through the pages answering all the questions a child might have about adding a new baby to the family. Qin Leng drew charming illustrations that children will adore.

The story is written in a way that kids would really speak. Anna and Oliver ask questions that Mommy and Daddy answer in simple words. There’s an illustration of “the baby compartment” that helps kids understand how their little sister/brother develops inside Mommy’s tummy — or as Oliver calls it “where ice cream and bananas and yogurt go.”

The chapter about meeting the baby is called “Meet the Conehead,” and all kids will like “The Real Scoop on Baby Poop.” The chart with options for “Things New Babies Can’t Do” and “Things New Babies Can Do” made everyone in our house smile. At the end you’ll find websites and books to help kids adapt to their new sibling and tips for parents. The last line of the last page might be the best advice for any situation. “Say ‘I love you’ as often as you can” is good advice whether you are adding a new baby to the family or not.

The whole book is a charming way to introduce kids to their new brother/sister before the big day. The next time you receive the happy news that someone is adding a new baby to the family, be certain to purchase “Ready, Set…Baby” as a gift for the older siblings. They will like the attention learn some interesting tips.


Shari writes about life with twins at Two Times the Fun. Image courtesy of Ready, Set…Baby!


Disclosure:  I did receive a review copy. My words and opinions are my own.

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