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IMG_6379Bump It Off  is a cool gadget in that it is very useful, cleaning surfaces is quick and it can be thrown into your dishwasher. It is also easily stored. Made of silicone, it is 100% non-toxic. It has an accessible handle and is non-irritating.

I sampled this product in many different ways  but my favorite was using it for stain removal. Spray your favorite stain buster, rub using the smaller teeth-like bristles and the stains come right out.

It is also great for bathing pets. Long or short-haired pets will love the massage-like sensation and it cleans down to the skin without being abrasive.

Cleaning dishes becomes a snap with no mold, staining, or unsanitary issues like with dish rags.

It can be used to exfoliate yourself when bathing, or as you dress for lint removal from your clothes.

The inventor of this great product is Lisa Ximenez, a 15 year business owner and entrepreneur. You can follow Lisa @goddesofgadgets on twitter and instagram or Facebook.

The Chicago Moms received a few Bump It Offs for honest review. All images courtesy of The Chicago Moms.


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