Dr. Sear’s ZoneRX Bars

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IMG_5983Dr. Sear’s ZoneRX Bars manufacturers are serious about your health. During warmer weather they insulate the product and surround within packs during shipping to insure we are receiving the freshest, best tasting, optimal performing product possible. That says a lot.

Tasty and healthy, ZoneRx Bars stabilize blood sugar with high levels of polyphenols and prebiotics, your hunger will stay satisfied with the right amount of gut support.

The makers use cadmium-free cocoa extracted 16 grams of protein. “The key to losing excess body fat is continual calorie restriction without hunger,” Dr Sears explains. “ZoneRX Bars makes it easier to restrict calories without hunger or fatigue.”

Visit Zone Diet for more information.


The Chicago Moms was provided ZoneRX Bars to sample and review. Opinions and images are that of The Chicago Moms.


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