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IMG_6494 Although I gave birth 21 years ago, my body has never returned to the frame it once was. I used to blame my son, telling him it was his fault my belly hung to the floor. I also blamed manufacturers for the strange way they cut clothes, I blamed food for blowing up our bodies with preservatives and finally, I blamed myself for not committing to a work out plan that would tuck and firm, giving back the body I once had.

None of that blaming did me any good. There is also a culture I became aware of that emphasizes being comfortable with the majority of the  transformations your body experienced after child birth. Where do you stand after child birth? Did you go back to your pre-pregnancy weight? Did your body resume its form pre-children?

If no, being a #RealPeabodyMoms Campaign is just for you! Peabody Mom was designed for mothers who want the comfort of yoga pants but the look of business casual.

You too can be tough without looking tough. Get 10% off with the code MySweetPea.

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The Chicago Moms received a pair of Peabody Moms pants for an honest review. Opinions and images courtesy of The Chicago Moms.

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