Tempel Lipizzan White Stallions Open Summer Season Performances

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Lipizzan Mare and FoalThere is something magical about driving to see the Tempel Lipizzan performance in Old Mill Creek. You take 294 to a road that takes you past Gurnee Mills Mall. It’s as crowded and suburban as possible. When you turn the corner to head towards Tempel Farms, you are immediately transported to a place that looks like the rolling hills of Kentucky.

It is a beautiful place with rolling hills, white fences and horse farms. You travel through a traffic circle towards Tempel Farms, home of the internationally-famous Tempel Lipizzan horses. You’ve seen these gorgeous animals in parades and television shows. In 1985, Tempel Lipizzans pulled the casket of the Unknown Soldier of the Vietnam War to Arlington National Cemetery.

Seeing these beautiful creatures up close at the Tempel Lipzzan performance is breathtaking. The horses and trainers make every move look so easy. The show opens with three Lipizzan mares and their newborn foals, recently imported from Pibar, Austria. These animals are remarkable as they are the first to be imported to Tempel Farms in 50 years. The mares are lead through their course by handlers who contend with rambunctious foals. The foals pranced and played in the arena like it was their own personal playground. They embodied such joy as they went from end to end cantering and prancing. At one point, a foal ran into a handler. It was a playful moment that showed that the foal was demanding attention.

The show takes the audience through the different training levels stallions complete as they mature. “Performance highlights included the gravity-defying, military-style Airs Above the Ground leaps of The Capriole, The Courbette, and The Levade which few breeds outside of Lipizzan are able to perform. The Levade was a stunning activity in which the horse rears on its back legs and then hops a few steps.

The Lipizzans demonstrated a Tribute to the Olympic Sport of Dressage, a musical freestyle like you might see in the Summer Olympics performed by the top riders in the sport, including this year’s Pas De Trois, or ballet for three, performed by intermediate-level stallions was set to music curated by 98.7WFMT.” By the time the performers get to the Quadrille: Ballet of the White Stallions, an amazing ballet in which four highly trained adult horses perform difficult, dance-like movements in exquisite unison, the audience has perfect the art of oooohhhhhsss and aaaahhhhhs.

Our girls were thrilled to learn that two young women made history at Tempel Farms this year. The show included the first woman to perform the long rein segment (20-year-old Chelyn Firenz of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota) and the first woman to perform the Airs Above the Ground movement Courbette (Emily Riccio-Robbins of Charleston, Illinois). As newly-minted teenagers, our girls seek out women with interesting careers. They dream of doing something like becoming professional riders. They made sure to watch for Chelyn and Emily.

After the performance, the audience is invited to tour the stables. There are opportunities to meet the trainers, riders and horses. The crowd moves from place to place is the loveliest, cleanest stables I have ever seen. Our girls walked into the washing room to stare at the showerhead on the ceiling. It reminded us of the “rain” showerheads so common on home improvement shows. They couldn’t believe how lovely the entire room was for both horse and worker.

As you move through the stable, you read the story about Tempel Farms from inception to recent achievements. The pictures remind visitors that Tempel Farms has been an important part of many historic events.

While we drove home I asked the girls what I should write about Tempel Lipizzans. They said, “It seems like it’s far away, but it’s beautiful and worth the drive.” Tempel Farms is located in northern Lake County, Ill., an easy 50-minute drive from Chicago or Milwaukee, near Gurnee Mills. In case of inclement weather, performances are held indoors. Parking is free.

Be sure to make the drive to admire the Tempel Lipizzans. It’s an amazing, up-close opportunity that everyone should put on their schedule soon as performance last through mid-August. Advance tickets start at $27 with discounts for children under 15, active military personal and veterans. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.tempelfarms.com or call (847) 244-5330.


Shari writes about life with twins at Two Times the Fun. Image courtesy of Tempel Farms.


Disclosure:  I did receive media passes. My words and opinions are my own.



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