LUZIA transports the audience on a fairy tale Mexican adventure

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25757_08_Football_Dance-0532_MediumResolutionFrom the moment Cirque Du Soleil starts the magical Mexican adventure called LUZIA, you can hear the gasps and sense the wonderment from the audience. Mixing traditional circus acts with unique modern interpretations, LUZIA is a gorgeous evening with something for every family member.

This is a beautifully-layered show which takes the audience on a journey from the Mexican countryside to the ocean to the soccer field to the family table. It incorporates lush landscapes and eye-catching costumes to create a fantasy world. From the moment musicians and performers draw the audience’s attention with the soft opening, you can hear the reactions. The ooohhs and aaahhhhs and quiet laughter brings everyone’s attention to the stage. The show takes off when the “pilot” announces our flight information on Mexico airlines. It sets-up my favorite part of the show.

Netherland’s native Eric Fool Koller never uses any words as he brings his clown character to life as he sky dives from the plane. He lands in Mexico, taking us on a tour as he discovers the beauty that is Mexico. He has a wonderful piece in which he has a whistle and a beach ball. He is trying to direct the audience to move the beach ball in certain directions. At one point he was on the main floor enlisting the audience to be his assistants. It’s a great performance filled with over the top facial expressions and body movements. The whistle is his voice in this piece and it’s wonderful. His clown character is not wearing crazy clothing and white-faced make-up. It’s his facial expressions and body movements that narrate his adventures. His performance was easily my favorite, which is a bold statement given the amazing acts we saw.

One of his running gags is his inability to get a  drink of water. When the rain comes down in “Clown – Rain” he chases it across the stage in an effort to find relief. It’s nearly an interactive performance as the audience children start shouting directions to help him get a drink.

Water is a large presence throughout the show. Sometimes it rains, like when the clown went searching for a drink. Sometimes it is an integral performance actor, like when Benjamin Courtney dips into a pond while performing “Straps.” Cyr Wheel artist Angelica Bongiovonni creates magic in a rain shower and Trapeze artist Enya White performs awe-inspiring twists and flights in rain showers. At one Cirque Du Soleil used breath-taking technology to imprint different images on falling rain. The result was a mesmerizing pattern.

LUZIA introduces audience members to up-and-coming artist talents like Laura Biono and Abou Traore. Football freestyle stars in their own rights, they come together to pay homage to Mexico’s favorite sport in a rhythmic routine that mixes soccer and dance in an interesting and entertaining “Football dance.” You can bet most of the kids woke up the next day looking for their soccer balls so they could try the tricks Laura and Abou made look so easy.

The first half of the show included performers showing off skills from hoop diving to canes to percussion. The audience was appropriately awed and amazed by the performers. By the time the second half opened, the audience was ready to party. Each act in the second half was greeted with exuberant outbursts. Rather than wait until the act completed, the audience cheered and clapped and reacted throughout each act. It wasn’t that the second half performers were in any way better than the first. It was almost as if the audience decided they couldn’t wait until the end of each act to show its appreciation.

The Fiesta Finale seemed like a perfect way to end the show. By the end the audience felt like it was part of the family. The finale brought everyone on stage for a big dance party in which each performer had a final star turn. It was a great showcase for a really fun evening.

LUZIA runs until September 3 under the big top at the United Center. Tickets are available online at

Shari writes about life with twins at Two Times the Fun. Image courtesy of Matt Beard for Cirque Du Soleil.


Disclosure:  I did receive media passes to attend opening night. My words and opinions are my own.


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